Privacy Guardian 5.0

Privacy Guardian 5.0: Powerful privacy software to clear online Internet tracks and program activity Guardian is a safe and easy-to-use privacy protection tool that securely deletes online Internet tracks and program activity records that are stored in your browser and other hidden files on your computer. Privacy Guardian guarantees your privacy by ensuring all traces of your online Internet and computer activities are permanently erased and unrecoverable on your PC. Information from every website you visit is stored on your computer and recorded

Email Guardian for Outlook Express 1.1: Backs up all your important Email Settings, Messages, Account Settings and more
Email Guardian for Outlook Express 1.1

Guardian remains on guard making sure your important mail and settings information are automatically backed up at any interval you choose. Set it up and forget it! Or choose the fast manual or Quick Backup. Cloudeight Email Backup Guardian will make sure you never lose your important email messages or settings again. Planning a format? You will be able to restore all your email messages, stationery, Address book and other settings afterwards! Fast

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Keyboard Guardian 1.02.0056: Professional key logger with stealth mode capabilities
Keyboard Guardian 1.02.0056

Keyboard Guardian is an advanced key logger that helps thousands of people worldwide safely monitor their PCs day and night. Unlike other key loggers, Keyboard Guardian can operate in the stealth mode, being invisible to most users, and it has an automatic emailing feature that can securely send all log files to the specified address.

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Startup Guardian 2.0

Startup Guardian helps you regain and maintain control of your computer by scanning all the items which run at startup. By not only allowing you to control what runs, Startup Guardian also gives you a description of each program and guides you by letting you know if you need the programs or not. Ideal also for those who want to remove adware and spyware from their computer systems.

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Pest Guardian 2011.00216: Pest Guardian detects and removes viruses to keep you safe from security threats
Pest Guardian 2011.00216

Absolutely a must for all computer users who want full protection from viruses, unauthorized file deletion, malware, emerging threats, and other hostile activity. Find and Remove Viruses Automatically with Pest Guardian Antivirus Software.Protect your personal information and your privacy. Pest Guardian removes viruses automatically while also protecting you from emerging threats, hostile activity, unauthorized file deletion and much much more!

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IE Guardian 7.0.0: Customize and protect your IE settings against malicious changes.
IE Guardian 7.0.0

Guardian allows you to customize Internet Explorer (IE), protect your IE settings against changes and block those annoying popup windows from appearing. This is the tool you need to retain and manage your web browser settings and to alert you of any changes made to them. Do you share your computer with someone else?. If so then IE Guardian can protect and guard your browser settings against changes. It allows you to disable web browser settings so

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HTML Guardian 7.8.1: Encrypt HTML,SHTML,ASP,Javascript,VBScript,CSS files. Enhanced image protection.
HTML Guardian 7.8.1

Guardian is a solution for total Web site protection -it will make impossible stealing and re-using your source code in other websites.. Image protection add-on [Image Guardian] is especially designed to protect images on your website. Additional protection options available:disable right-click, disable page printing, disable text selection/copying,disable clipboard, prohibit offline usage of encrypted files, add password protection and referrer

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